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100 Cities That Spent The Most Money On Ashley Madison

The Spend of Male Members on Ashley Madison [table caption="Top…
September 17, 2015/by admin

Checking for Cheaters: Who is searching the Ashley Madison list?

According to new research, just under seven percent of Americans…
August 28, 2015/by admin

Prenuptial agreements could provide social media damage control

As we've discussed, technology has made its way into divorce courts as it's become a part of everyday life.
July 18, 2014/by bkaday

Remarriage, divorce and spousal support: Sorting out the details

For a person who is married at a young age and divorces within…
July 18, 2014/by bkaday

Is divorce process different for Arizona covenant marriages?

Throughout the course of this blog, divorce has generally been…
July 14, 2014/by bkaday

Addressing the needs of Arizona same-sex couples

Same-sex marriage is among the hottest topics in the country…
July 10, 2014/by bkaday

The other side: Divorce, inherited debt and shared responsibility

In the previous post, we discussed an important issue that might…
July 4, 2014/by bkaday

Determining how inherited assets will be handled during divorce

When a person designates estate beneficiaries, it's a very intentional…
July 3, 2014/by bkaday

How long must spousal support payments be made in Arizona?

No matter how you cut it, divorce introduces change into lives…
June 30, 2014/by bkaday

Custody evaluation processes, part 2: What is a Limited Family Assessment?

Let's continue the discussion of procedures used in Arizona for…
June 20, 2014/by bkaday

Special Considerations When Older Couples Divorce

"Baby boomer divorce." "Gray divorce." "Senior-citizen divorce."…
November 12, 2012/by bkaday

Some Arizona Lawmakers Have Sought To Extend Divorce Waiting Period

Thinking about a quick divorce in Arizona? Some legislators would…
November 12, 2012/by bkaday