Arizona Divorce Process

Understanding the Arizona Divorce Process

Phoenix Divorce Lawyer

Bishop Law Office has five very experienced divorce lawyers, and an experienced and welcoming support staff. Our firm provides divorce and family law services throughout Arizona with three convenient locations for our divorce clients, including Phoenix (off Northern & the 51 Freeway), Tempe (by Ikea off Priest Dr. & Warner Rd.), and Scottsdale Fashion Park.

Only a limited number of divorce law firms in the State of Arizona have any Certified Family Law Specialists. Such is the only certification by the State Bar of Arizona that designates proven specialists in divorce and family law. Bishop Law Office has two certified specialists.

Divorce cases can be extremely emotional, and factually and legally complex. The last thing you need is an attorney that unnecessarily complicates your divorce case, or throws fuel on the fire without your knowledge or permission. At Bishop Law Office, our divorce attorneys put their egos aside and represent you based upon your best interests. You will be involved in all aspects of the proceedings. Our attorneys will ensure that you make all important final decisions regarding your divorce proceedings after being informed of your rights and chances of success. We make sure you understand the “why’s” and “how’s” of your case.

You do not just write a blank check at our firm. Not all divorce cases fit one mold. You should not be charged for services that are not reasonable and necessary for your case. At Bishop Law Office, we tailor your representation to your specific needs. Sometimes our clients are involved in a very nasty divorce, and need assertive and diligent representation on an almost daily basis. Others may be in a situation that a reasonable settlement can be reached very quickly in the proceedings. All of our attorneys have been practicing for over ten years (William Bishop and Dan Beeks over 25 years each). Your case is not going to be passed off onto a young and inexperienced associate. Our attorneys pride themselves on being able to take an approach that serves our client’s best interests, whether such means litigation, or a quick and inexpensive settlement.
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Arizona Divorce Law

It does not matter what city or county in Arizona that you reside as far as the divorce laws that apply to your case. Most of the laws that apply in divorce cases are found in two places – (1) Title 25 of the Arizona Revised Statutes and (2) the Arizona Rules Of Family Law Procedure. Cases published by the Supreme Court of Arizona and the Arizona Court of Appeals interpret these laws and apply them to many varying factual scenarios that help our attorneys make the appropriate arguments that help persuade the Court to make decisions that are fair and appropriate in your divorce case. New laws and rules are added every year, and changes are made to some of the laws and rules every year. The statutes and rules set forth specific laws and regulations applicable to child custody (legal decision making), parenting time, grandparent and other third party visitation, community property, sole and separate property, spousal maintenance (alimony), and other areas of family law.

At Bishop Law Office, we meet as a team regularly to discuss new laws and the application of the law to our clients’ cases in order to obtain the best results possible.
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