Bishop Law Office P.C. provides representation regarding all forms of “Protective Orders” and “Restraining Orders”. The terms “Protective Orders” and “Restraining Orders” are general terms, which include the more specific types of orders, described herein.

Bishop Law Office P.C. represents persons who desire to obtain a Court order as a result of domestic violence or harassment.

Bishop Law Office P.C. also defends persons who have had false or exaggerated claims made against them to defeat or “quash” such protective order, or in order to have such order modified where the orders are unreasonable.

The information set forth on this website is not intended to cover all aspects of protective orders, but is designed to provide valuable information one should consider when obtaining or defending against a protective order. Persons may obtain additional valuable information regarding protective orders by visiting the Supreme Court of Arizona website and WomensLaw.Org website .