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In order to provide more convenient divorce and family law services to our clients, we opened our third office at Scottsdale Fashion Square on the Northwest corner of Scottsdale Rd. and Camelback Rd. (7150 E. Camelback Rd., Suite 415, Scottsdale, Arizona 85251). Such location was selected in light of its proximity to our Scottsdale clients, the beautiful ambiance of Old Town Scottsdale, and the abundance of great shopping, restaurants and activities in the area. If you have to visit your family law attorney, you might as well grab a great breakfast or lunch (or happy hour), and shop at the unique and fabulous stores in the area.

Top Rated And Certified Legal Representation

Trust your legal representation to a Scottsdale divorce and family law firm that is top rated.William (Bill) Bishop is certified by the State Bar Of Arizona as Certified Family Law Specialist. Only approximately 65 attorneys in the State of Arizona have been certified as specialists in divorce and family law. Bishop is top rated by Martindale Hubbell, Arizona’s Top Attorneys, Southwest Super Lawyers, and various other organizations and publications. Click here for a detailed list of top honors and distinctions.

Law firm marketing has become very complex (and expensive). Various organizations offer to name essentially any attorney as a “top” attorney for a fee. Most of these listed attorneys are not certified specialists, and have not obtained an “objective” top ranking from judges and other attorneys (such as through Martindale Hubbell or the State Bar of Arizona). At Bishop Law Office, we work hard for our top rankings, are proud of our accomplishments, and strive to provide superior representation to our clients in all areas of divorce and family law.

Scottsdale Divorce Attorneys

Bishop Law Office provides representation in all areas of divorce and family law. Such includes, but is not limited to the following.

Settlement / Mediation

Bishop Law Office attorneys prioritize settlement if such can be accomplished in our client’s best interests. This may involve drafting a settlement agreement and presenting it to the other side. Sometimes, this involves a settlement conference that includes the parties and attorneys. At other times, the parties (with or without attorneys) may proceed to mediation, and work to reach agreements with a neutral mediator.

In some cases, both parties have adequate knowledge about their assets, debts and other issues to be able to proceed to a settlement agreement or mediation immediately. In other cases, it is necessary to obtain documents and additional information to ensure that all assets have been identified, and valuations obtained as necessary, in order to ensure a fair division to our client.

At Bishop Law Office, our attorneys take the necessary steps to ensure that assets are properly valued and identified in order to ensure fair results for our clients.

Scottsdale Divorce and Family Law Mediation Services

William Bishop provides specialized mediation services in divorce and family law cases, and often holds mediation sessions at our Scottsdale law office location. Mr. Bishop has conducted or participated in hundreds of settlement and mediation conferences over the last twenty five years. Mr. Bishop completed the mediation course at Pepperdine University and is on the Court’s roster of qualified mediators. It should be noted that if you use Mr. Bishop as a mediator in your divorce or family law case, the law firm will not be able to also serve as your family law or divorce attorney under the applicable ethical rules.

Scottsdale High Asset / Complex Property Divorce Attorneys

When it comes to business valuation and other high asset cases, not all attorneys are created equal. Many family law attorneys simply do not understand the intricacies involved in business valuations and other complex property divisions. Often attorneys simply defer to a business valuation expert to provide such valuation. However, business valuations, and apportionment issues, are very complex and often involve legal issues that the business valuation accountant does not necessarily understand. By relying upon an attorney or business valuation expert that does not fully understand the legally complex and often subjective elements involved in complex property issues, the client may pay much more than they should have to, or may receive much less than what is fair.

Bishop Law Office provides representation for wealthy clients as well as clients with more limited means. The firm has represented many high profile clients, and cases involving substantial assets and complex property issues. Such cases often involve professional athletes, celebrities, business owners, or other high asset clients. Despite our experience with such high profile and high asset cases, our hourly fees are the same for all of our cases.

William Bishop, the managing partner of the firm, is especially experienced in high asset cases, including business valuations and other complex property issues. Mr. Bishop published a law review article regarding business valuations, and the methods of apportionment of the increased value in a sole and separate business between the business owner and the community Mr. Bishop   presents seminars regarding such issues to other attorneys, and devotes much of his practice to such higher asset cases. Click here to learn more about business valuations and other complex property cases.

Scottsdale Child Custody / Parenting Time

Parenting and legal custody / decision making issues often arise in a divorce cases, paternity cases where the parties were not married, and motions filed to modify parenting time and legal decision making (legal custody) orders that were previously entered. Bishop Law Office attorneys have represented clients in parenting time and legal custody cases for many years.

In some cases, both the mother and father are good parents, and parenting time and legal decision making issues are fairly easy to resolve. Even in the straight forward cases, however, it is important to ensure that the Court orders and parenting plans are specific enough to avoid future confusion or disagreements. In other cases, one of the parents may have substantial issues that support a restricted parenting schedule or restricted involvement in legal decision making issues. This may include a situation where one of the parents has mental health / psychological issues, where domestic violence has taken place, or where one or both parents have ongoing substance abuse or alcohol issues.

Sometimes the children are aligned with one parent and estranged from the other parent. In some cases, this is a result of a parent alienating the children against the other parent. In some cases, the children are estranged from one of the parents as a result of such parent’s lifestyle decisions or behaviors. Click here for more specific information regarding parenting and legal decision making / legal custody issues.

You can trust your parenting time and legal decision making / legal custody issues to the attorneys at Bishop Law Office. Call now to make an appointment with one of our very qualified family law attorneys.

Scottsdale Child Support Attorneys

Our Scottsdale clients often face complex issues involving child support depending upon their income levels. Although the State Of Arizona has specific Child Support Guidelines, many complex issues can arise in child support cases. Sometimes one of the parents owns their own business, which often requires a more detailed examination of their true income and benefits. If one of the parents earns substantially more income than the other parent, the Court may deviate from the Child Support Guidelines and order a higher child support amount. It is important to hire an attorney who is very knowledgeable about the intricacies involved with child support issues as it often involves more than just plugging numbers into a child support calculator. Click here for more specific information regarding child support issues and child support calculations.

Scottsdale Spousal Maintenance Attorneys

Spousal maintenance is one of the most litigated areas in divorce cases. Although there are statutory factors regarding  eligibility for spousal maintenance, and the amount and duration of spousal maintenance awards, such awards are highly discretionary with the Court. It is especially important to hire an attorney who is very experienced and qualified in presenting the most persuasive case possible – whether you are the client asking for spousal maintenance or the party who is defending such claim. There is much more involved with presenting a persuasive spousal maintenance case or defense than merely reciting the obvious facts.

Modifications of Court Orders

The attorneys for Bishop Law Office are very experienced in filing requests to modify Court orders where the circumstances support such changes.

As a general rule, child support, legal decision making (child custody), and parenting time orders are modifiable so long as there is at least some change in circumstances.

Spousal maintenance orders are modifiable so long as there has been a substantial and continuing change of circumstances, and so long as the parties did not agree to include language in their decree stating that the spousal maintenance order is “non-modifiable”.

Property divisions set forth in Court orders are generally not modifiable. However, such orders can often be challenged if the other party acted fraudulently, did not disclose all assets, or otherwise acted in a dishonest manner when the agreements were reached. Click here for more information regarding modifying court orders. 

Challenging Court Orders And Appeals

Judges are not “computers”, and frankly sometimes they make mistakes. If this happens to you, it is very important to seek qualified legal counsel immediately. There are strict time limitations that apply if you desire to challenge a trial court’s rulings.

At Bishop Law Office, we often represent clients who wish to appeal or otherwise challenge a Court order. Call now to schedule a time to review your Court order with one of our qualified and experienced family law attorneys.

Scottsdale Attorneys – Premarital Agreements / Post-marital Agreements

More and more people are entering into premarital agreements prior to marriage, or post-marital agreements after they are married. These are also sometimes referred to as Prenuptial Agreements or Antinuptial Agreements. William Bishop of Bishop Law Office has represented many clients over the years regarding their premarital and post-marital agreement needs. Like other areas, not all attorneys who represent clients regarding premarital and post-marital agreements are created equal. Much more is involved than merely filling in the client names into forms. Each client has individual needs and circumstances that need to be addressed. Sometimes negotiations take place. This can be a highly delicate thing to do when marriage is right around the corner. Both parties need to take great care to make sure that their individual needs and circumstances are addressed because what may seem like a simple agreement may have a significant impact on your life if your marriage does not work out in the end.

Free Consultations? How Do The Attorney Fees Work?

Frankly, most top divorce and family law firms do not offer free consultations. We receive many referrals, and the demand for our representation is fortunately consistently high. If we provided free consultations, the lines would be long and we would not have time to work on our cases.

As a compromise, we offer a discount consultation fee of $150.00 for the first hour ($200 for attorney Bishop). In addition, if you retain the firm (full representation), we waive the consultation fee or reimburse it if you retain us after the initial consultation. In such event, yes you do get a free consultation.

How many times have you heard somebody say that they have no idea what their attorney is doing on their case? We often receive feedback from our clients that they learn more during our consultations with them than they received from their prior attorney who represented them for months. We obtain as many critical facts as we can during your consultation, and throughout your representation, and provide you concrete ideas and a game plan regarding how we intend to handle your case. We work with you closely to ensure that all important decisions are made with your full knowledge and consent.

We have several options available for clients that need various levels of representation. We provide “pay as you go” services for clients that only need limited assistance. In such event, no retainer or deposit is required. We provide “consultation services” for those who need ongoing assistance, but do not require full representation. We provide “limited scope” representation when the services provided are only for certain specific issues. Each of these options generally requires a much smaller deposit. We of course provide full representation services to our clients that need our assistance in all aspects of their divorce or family law case.

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For time sensitive matters, we can usually schedule a meeting with one of our attorneys the same day or next day. If it is difficult for you to schedule your consultation during regular hours, Bishop Law Office attorneys can meet with you during the weekend.

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